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(+91) 120-428-0620 Contact@travwo.com

Terms & Conditions

Travwo Travel

Booking your vacations

Your tour contract is made with Travwo ('the Company'), and all authorized reservations are subject to terms and conditions. The Company will send all communications regarding your trip to the address stipulated on the registration form. All legitimate concerns should be made through a Company-authorized consultant. When booking, the Company reservation form must be completed and submitted, along with a downpayment of 50% of the overall cost of the booking. Your tour should be fully paid for at least 30 days before the scheduled departure. If payment is not made by the deadline, the Company reserves the right to terminate the reservation and keep the downpayment. The individual who authorizes the booking form agrees to pay the total sum shown on the booking form in compliance with the terms and conditions. The contracting party is responsible for ensuring that the Company obtains the entire amount by the deadline. There will be no reminders. Payment has to be made in full at the time of reservation if you reserve within 30 days of your scheduled departure. Special requests, such as nutritional needs, should be acknowledged on the booking form. The service will be provided by the Company as described and affirmed in writing.

Pricing Policy

The Company is not required to provide a collapse of the expenses involved with a vacation.
Before admitting your booking, the Company reserves the right to notify you of any increase in price. When you choose to pay for your vacation in comprehensive at the time of booking, the price of your vacation is subject to fees and charges in certain narrow circumstances after an Affirmation Quotation has been issued. However, a surtax will only be imposed to account for variations in transportation costs, such as fuel costs, increases in normal published airfares, taxes or fees chargeable for services such as landing taxes at airports, the exchange rate applied to the specific package, or if the government or regulatory authority raises taxes. Due to the general above-mentioned financial commitments, the Company is unable to mitigate vacation prices increases.

Company Elimination and Modifications

Variations to your vacation may be required on the circumstance, and the Company retains the right to do so at any time, and you will be immediately informed of any modifications as soon as possible. If a significant change to your excursion is required, provided it is not due to circumstances beyond the Company's control, you may choose.
(a) To concur to a change in obligations.
(b) To consider purchasing another vacation from us,
(c) To withdraw your vacation. Remuneration may be due in the middle of a significant alteration, as illustrated below.

Termination, variations to your airport, departing or revert back delays of over 12 hours, and lodging adjustments to a lower standard of lodging are examples of major changes. Remuneration will not be compensated for modifications or terminations engendered by Acts of God (Force Majeure), military intervention, the threat of invasion, mutiny, cordial strike, commercial disagreement, terrorist activity, environmental or man-made tragedy, fire, technical transportation problems, airport furloughs or congested roads, strikes or other union activity, inclement weather, or any other occurrence beyond the Company's control. It is vital that you concentricity travel insurance. If you do not pay the amount of the vacation price at least 30 days before departure, the Company will treat your reservation as voided and impost the cancellation charges enumerated below. The company also reserves the right to terminate any individual as a tour participant if they believe that individual will adversely impact the health, safety, or fun of others on the tour. In the occurrence of any of the aforementioned events, the company's sole claim and the client's sole rectification will be restricted to a reimbursement of any compensation paid, less than the extent for amenities already rendered plus administration costs.

Termination And Modifications Made by You

You might indeed cancel your vacation at any time by notifying the Company in written form. After the schedule is affirmed, the customer is authorized one set of legislative changes free of authoritative claims but is responsible for any additional costs this may add to the excursion, including aviation charges, resorts, and so on.

Our Accountabilities

The Company doesn't own or operate the aircraft, hotels, restaurants, or other facilities used in tandem with the tours. While the Company takes care in selecting vendors of transportation, lodging, restaurants, and other facilities, the Company has not had the opportunity to examine and does not depict that such aircraft, lodging, restaurants, and other facilities and services have been inspected. The Company is not liable if you or any representative of your group passes away, becomes ill, or is harmed as a result of any inability to perform or inappropriate efficiency of any part of our agreement with you where such inability is ascribable to
(a)any member of the party's acts and/or omissions,
(b) those of a third party unassociated with the stipulation of your vacation,
(c) an event where neither the Company nor the service provider may have anticipated or precluded.

The Company grieves that no refunds will be issued for unoccupied transportation, or lodging booking unless a receipt is being acquired from the carrier or vendor.