Refund Policy

How regularly have you made a flight setting up for the web, missed getting it and dreaded the confounded airplane undoing approaches more than truly feeling horrendous about not making the trip? 

That is the time when I picked, no more. Having investigated at long last and tended to travel masters, I have comprehended that it's less difficult than you may presume. Offering this naturally found astuteness to everyone. 

Exhaustively the abrogation courses of action material on airfare in India are: 

For most air ships, abrogation sales should be set at any rate three hours before the booked departure of the flight 

In extension to the date change cost, any toll differentiation is paid by the customer 

In a couple of cases, a scratch-off and rebooking might be more affordable than choosing a date change. The air ships don't limit or change the money if the new affirmation you are rebooking to is more affordable than the one that you as of late held 

Cancellation cost compasses depending on the transporter you've booked with 

When leaving the country, make sure to take travel assurance which spreads dropping conditions 

Following 30 days of ticket wiping out the cash will be discounted. 

What CAN be Refunded: 

  • Some visits may require a base number of voyagers to work. The impacted pioneer will be totally limited or may pick a similar visit thing as a substitute. Should this occur, it would be under extraordinarily unprecedented conditions. 
  • Please note that the thing substitute picked by the wayfarer may be more expensive than the main thing and thusly may be reliant upon an additional expense. 
  •  Any additional limits reliant on wild issues within reach will depend upon the individual visit chairman. 
  • What can not be Refunded: 
  • All hotel and visit timetables are composed early. Any individual fail to appear upon the appearance of flight won't be limited. 
  • No rebate will be given for any bits of the visit unused by the voyager after visit departure paying little regard to conditions. 
  •  Airfare is absolutely non-refundable and non-variable for visits when airfare is consolidated into the last cost. 
  • Hotel increases and Instant Confirmation things (attestation tickets, city passes, etc.) can't be exchanged or limited once certified. 


The Cancellation Policies recorded underneath apply to all reservations with the exception of if the visit booked has unequivocal rates or charges recorded under "One of a kind Notes." Please circumspectly overview the "Unprecedented Notes" of your visit before booking. If its all the same to you understand that Travwo will reliably adhere to individual visit systems when material. 

The most effective method to Cancel a Reservation ? 

We will process your demise/markdown request inside one to seven business days. We won't perceive any verbal/by means of phone sales or voice message. Verbally conversing with our customer bolster delegates without adjusting a sales structure won't guarantee that your scratch-off has been arranged or perceived. We won't recognize email withdrawals aside from in the event that they have an aggregate, stamped, and annexed Cancellation Form. 

Cancellation must be made by adjusting and denoting the Travwo Cancellation Request Form. In the event that it's not all that much issue explain why you are referencing a revocation. You should download the Cancellation Request Form here. 

Cancellation Made Within -

6 days prior to departure
7-15 Days Prior to Departure Date
16-24 Days Prior to Departure Date
25 or more Days Prior to Departure Date

Correction Fees: 

Any movements made to a booking after adequately introducing the solicitation on the web and 7 days before the visit pulls back for single day and 24 days before the visit leaves for multi day visits will be needy upon a base Amendment Fee (per change). Reservations will be confirmed inside one to two business days. The going with set up as a change to a visit: 

   Changing departure date 

   Changing get time or region 

   Changing visit 

   Changing guest name 

   Changing plan 

   Removing/Replacing a guest 

   Adding/Replacing a guest 

The modification cost is a base visit change charge. If you request various movements just as sales the progressions finally, additional charges may apply (despite the modification cost). Paying the amendment cost doesn't guarantee a change can or will be made. 

Note: Each airplane has express wiping out guidelines. Visit the official flying machine site for further nuances. 

Since you have the retraction procedures impeccably clear, why worry over neglecting to get that plane or perhaps.Go ahead and value the ride.