Cancellation Policy

You can cancel domestic/international flights booking online. Visit My Bookings, choose the relevant booking and click the Cancel button. For all online cancellation of domestic/international flight fees will apply.

For domestic flights, it will be thought-about as NIL refund.

Please refer to the airline's certain modification and cancellation plan while using Travwo Services. You may be called 180-0270860 for to directly get in touch with to obtain your booking cancelled.

How do I obtain refund after canceling my ticket?

After canceling your booking, you will require to send us the paper ticket to our office. On obtaining the ticket, the refund will be processed within 7 days from the day of receipt.

The refund shall be refined within 15 - 20 working days from the date of the cancellation request being made. If we have actually received the payment via a valid charge card, then the same will certainly be refunded to your credit card within an optimum of 30 days from the day of the invoice of a ticket. All refunds will be processed based on the handling by the specific airline company.

The consumer has to review individual airline company certain terms in order to figure out if the ticket proposed to be booked goes through any type of extra cancellation charge or charge as well as Travwo thinks no liability whatsoever in this regard.

Keep in mind: Unless expressly stated otherwise, it is mandatory to get in touch with Travwo for refunds and the airline companies will certainly path the refund for your tickets reserved on the Website, through Travwo.

The above-mentioned cancellation process, as well as refund handling time, might vary. In the situation of lost or damaged tickets, the refund procedure cannot be launched with the airline.

On canceling flights noted as "Non-Refundable" on the last travel coupons, consumers will certainly be eligible for a zero refund.

For Flights marked as "Refundable" on the last traveling vouchers, customers will certainly get a refund according to the details stated under the "Cancellation Policy" section of the item and also in the final plan shared over the email.

The total refunds for flight consist of components that differ according to the worldwide currency exchange rates.

The refund amount would return into the same account that was made use of to make the payment at the time of the booking.

*Travwo also support the cancellation of selected international flights online*.

Now cancel your Flight tickets hassle-free! Flight cancellation has actually become a lot easier and quicker; understand your Flight Cancellation charges. Immediate cancel option is readily available for both Domestic and also International Flights only on Travwo.